Helping you get your demanding life organized so you’re in control and everything is in order

Don’t we all want a simpler lifestyle?

Hey there! I’m Tracy! 
I want to help you get your home life in line so you can breathe easier and spend more of your valuable time pursuing the things that truly matter. Making your home and hustling lifestyle easier is my goal.       

Did you know that your clutter can effect your mental health? If your closet, pantry, laundry room or office space are keeping you from being able to focus, I’m here to lend a hand. I love helping families in the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas transform their spaces so you have time to do what you love.  



“My kitchen is so much more functional and clutter-free after working with Tracy! She was super efficient, giving me a list of recommended storage bins and such in advance, and she came in with a plan of attack. She has such a great vision for this, and took the stress out of a project that would have totally frustrated me.”

Why is now the right time to establish Intentional Order?

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